Mojtaba Kaveh

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In the present research, a two-echelon location-routing problem with constraints of vehicle fleet capacity and maximum route length is considered. The problem’s objective is to determine the location and number of two types of capacitated facilities, the size of two different vehicle fleets, and the related routes on each echelon. Two algorithms hybrid(More)
In the present paper, the dynamic facilities layout problem is studied in presence of ambiguity of information flow. Product demand (and consequently material flow) is defined as fuzzy numbers with different membership functions. The problem is modeled in fuzzy programming. Three models of expected value, chance-constrained programming and dependent-chance(More)
Original scientific paper Non production of defective parts during production operations and non-attention to inflation and time value of money are among the hypotheses of economic production quantity model. But the performed studies show that considering defective parts in production size determination models or including the subject of inflation and time(More)
Original scientific paper Resource-constrained project scheduling problem is known as a NP-Hard problem in literature. In this research, discounted cash flow policy is suggested for the resources-constrained project scheduling problem for the first time while in classic models, it has been assumed that price of the required resources is fixed for performing(More)
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