Mojtaba Hoseini

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The main concern in Wireless Sensor Networks is how to handle with their limited energy resources. The performance of Wireless Sensor Networks strongly depends on their lifetime. As a result, Dynamic Power Management approaches with the purpose of reduction of energy consumption in sensor nodes, after deployment and designing of the network, have drawn(More)
Signature verification techniques employ various specifications of a signature. Feature extraction and feature selection have an enormous effect on accuracy of signature verification. Feature extraction is a difficult phase of signature verification systems due to different shapes of signatures and different situations of sampling. This paper presents a(More)
Target tracking using Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is an interesting and important application. In this paper, we propose an energy-efficient distributed sensor activation protocol based on predicted location technique, called Intelligent Distributed Sensor Activation Algorithm (IDSA). The proposed algorithm predicts the location of target in the next time(More)
In this paper we propose a website aesthetic evaluation method. For achieving better performance, we have applied convolutional neural networks, which are one of the methods of deep learning research area. Using deep learning and convolutional neural networks for feature representation is one of the main tips that makes difference between our work and(More)
Both mature and stem cell-derived hepatocytes lost their phenotype and functionality under conventional culture conditions. However, the 3D scaffolds containing the main extracellular matrix constitutions, such as heparin, may provide appropriate microenvironment for hepatocytes to be functional. The current study aimed to investigate the efficacy of the(More)
In Recent years Robotic Science has shown a lot of advances and also faced new conditions and challenges. One of the most discussed issues in mobile robots study fields is the mapping discussion or SLAM, in which robots identify environment through range finder and estimate the position Emergence of this issue has also brought up another challenge in terms(More)
This paper presents a MPC (Model Predictive Control) algorithm for MEMS vibratory gyroscopes based on force-balancing control strategy. In the proposed MPC method, using a set of orthonormal basis functions named Laguerre functions, a new prediction and optimization technique is designed. To enhance the capability of proposed MPC method for tracking(More)
Prolonging lifetime of directional sensor networks is one of the hot topics these days because of vast application of these kinds of sensors. Since, the depletion of energy from one sensor indicates a lack of information being communicated from one part of the network. Hence, managing energy consumption of each sensor becomes critical. In this paper one(More)
Coverage is one of the most important applications of Wireless Sensor Networks(WSN) in military and surveillance area. In this paper, we proposed an evolutionary based method for covering and tracking some mobile targets in a dynamic area using Wireless Visual Sensor Networks (WVSNs) with minimum energy consumption. We implement our method using(More)
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