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Copper, as an inseparable part of many industrial discharges, threatens both public and environmental health. In this work, an electrochemical cell utilizing a cellulosic separator was used to evaluate Cu removal using graphite anodes and stainless steel cathodes in a continuous-flow mode reactor. In the experimental matrix, Cu concentration (1-5 mg L-1),(More)
This research deals with techno economic analysis to select the most economic desalination method for Asalouyeh combined cycle power plant . Due to lack of fresh water, desalination of sea water is necessary to provide required DM water of Power Plant. The most common desalination methods are RO, MSF, MED, and MED–TVC. In this research, methods of RO, MED,(More)
  • Muhammad Hashemifar, Nazila Nilufari, Marjan Mehrabpour, Mojtaba Davoudi
  • 2014
The purpose of this study is Preparation of nano iron oxide coated activated sludge granules and its adsorption properties for Cd (II) ions in aqueous solutions. Activated sludge as biosorbent was modified using nano iron oxide coating and examined for removal of cadmium ions from aqueous solutions. The effect of parameters including amount of coating,(More)
BACKGROUND Annually, large quantities of dyes are produced and consumed in different industries. The discharge of highly colored textile effluents to the aquatic environments causes serious health problems in living organisms. This paper investigates the performance of each of the electro-oxidation and electro-reduction pathways in the removal of reactive(More)
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