Mojtaba Daliri

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Linear behaviour of bootstrap switches is of critical importance in low-voltage analogue circuits and understanding the major factors affecting the linearity helps design a better switch. This study presents a theoretical approach for evaluating the distortion of bootstrap switches in the frequency domain based on the Volterra series. Five major factors(More)
Periodic steady-state behaviour of cross-coupled LC-tank oscillator is of critical importance in ultra-low power, lowvoltage transceiver circuits. Understanding the major factors affecting amplitude, oscillation frequency and power consumption would lead to more optimised oscillator design particularly for short-range wireless transceivers. This study(More)
A low-voltage low-power pacemaker Front-End for detecting QRS complex is presented in this paper. The circuit includes a switched-opamp switched-capacitor (SO-SC) preamplifier with a gain of 40 db, a fourth-order Butterworth SO-SC filter with a sampling frequency of 1 kHz, and an opamp with a new continuous time common mode feedback (CMFB) circuit which is(More)
The need for ultra low-power, area efficient and high speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) is pushing towards the use of dynamic comparators to maximize speed, power efficiency and re-configurability. In this paper an analysis on the power of the dynamic comparators will be presented and analytical expressions are derived. From the analytical(More)
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