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The locomotion biomechanics study provides very extensive and interesting material for investigating the physiological process involved and the neural mechanisms controlling the systems. Gait analysis – the systematic analysis of locomotion – is used today for pretretment assessment, surgical decision making, postoperative follow-up, and management of both(More)
In this paper we have proposed and evaluated a new method for human anthropometric parameters estimation. Method is planed to be simple and fast, thus suited for examiners with no experience in the anthropometric measurements. An anthropometric data obtained by this method, segments masses and lengths, are primarily used for biomechanics applications, but(More)
In this paper we present a model free hybrid visual servoing system. The " model free " term refers to the system with the unknown kinematics model that has to be estimated on-line, while " hybrid " specifies the visual controller architecture. The proposed system has a conventional Jacobian estimation part necessary for control output generation and it is(More)
Modified Model-Reference Variable-Structure (MRVS) control methods are presented in the paper. Elimination of control signal chattering in order to reduce energy consumption is further shown. Four different integral optimization criterions with the following integral performance indices are described: integral of absolute value of function, integral of(More)
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