Mojisola O. Adegunwa

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Edible fungi such as mushrooms are highly perishable and deteriorate few days after harvest due to its high moisture content and inability to maintain their physiological status. In this study, the effect of packaging materials on the nutritional composition of mushroom cultivated from cassava peels was investigated. Mushroom samples were dried at 50°C in a(More)
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The study investigated the functional properties of HQYF (high-quality yam flour) from tubers of four dioscorea species. The tubers were processed into HQYF using two pretreatments (potassium metabisulphite: 0.28%, 15 min; blanching: 70°C, 15 min) and drying methods (cabinet: 60°C, 48 h; sun drying: 3 days). Significant differences (P < 0.05) were observed(More)
The effects of blanching time and temperature on the sensory and textural properties of frozen cocoyam strips were studied for cocoyam varieties. The most preferred variety after sensory evaluation was blanched at 90°C for 5 min, reproduced, and frozen at a temperature of -18°C for storage studies over a period of 12 weeks with Irish potato as control.(More)
The effect of storage on the chemical, microbiological, and sensory properties of cassava starch-based custard powder (CbCP) blends as mixture of yellow-fleshed cassava root starch (YfCRS) (90-98%) and whole egg powder (WEP) (2-10%) was investigated. These were prepared using central composite rotatable design, and separately packaged in polyvinyl chloride(More)
Effects of chemical and heat pretreatments on the protein, gluten, and alpha-amylase activity, pasting (Peak [P], Final [F] setback [S] viscosity, pasting temperature [PT] and time [T]) and alveogram (Energy [E], maximum inflation [MI], P/L, and elasticity index [EI]) properties of flour from the pretreated bananas and its composite with wheat flour (WF)(More)
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