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MnS2, MnS2/Chitosan‑sodium Alginate (MnS2/CS-NaAlg) and MnS2/Chitosan-Calcium Alginate (MnS2/CS-CaAlg) nanocomposites were prepared via the chemical procedure. The characterization was performed by(More)
The ZnS quantum dots decorated SnO2 nanosheets were prepared by a hydrothermal synthesis method. The characteristic structure of ZnS QDs/SnO2 nanocomposites was analyzed using several instruments(More)
Heterostructured Sb2S3-CeO2 composites and Sb2S3-CeO2 on chitosan-starch nanocomposites have been provided with chemical manner. The characterization was performed by various instruments such as,(More)
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