Mojgan Heshmat

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We study the effect of counter-ion complexation on the example of Cl(-) ions interacting with the [Co(en)(3)](3+) complex. The H-bonding of the N-H groups of the ethylenediamine (en) ligands with the Cl(-) ions may lead to giant enhancement of the VCD intensity for the N-H stretches, but may also lead to VCD sign changes in the finger print region of N-H(More)
We study systematically the vibrational circular dichroism (VCD) spectra of the conformers of a simple chiral molecule, with one chiral carbon and an "achiral" alkyl substituent of varying length. The vibrational modes can be divided into a group involving the chiral center and its direct neighbors and the modes of the achiral substituent. Conformational(More)
Using the 6,6'-dibromo-[1,1'-binaphthalene]-2,2'-diol molecule and its vibrational absorption (VA) and vibrational circular dichroism (VCD) spectra measured in deuterated dimethyl sulfoxide as example, we present a first detailed study of the effects induced in VCD spectra by the large-amplitude motions of solvent molecules loosely bound to a solute(More)
Enantiomeric excess (ee) in asymmetric catalysis may be strongly dependent on the solvent. The reaction product may range from an almost racemic mixture to an ee of over 90% for different solvents. We study this phenomenon for the C-C coupling reaction between nitromethane and benzaldehyde (the Henry reaction) with cinchona thiourea as the catalyst, where(More)
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