Mojdeh Jalali Heravi

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Artificial Immune System algorithms use antibodies which fully specify the solution of an optimization, learning, or pattern recognition problem. By being restricted to fully specified antibodies, an AIS algorithm can not make use of schemata or classes of partial solutions. This paper presents a symbiotic artificial immune system (SymbAIS) algorithm which(More)
Associative classification is a rule-based approach to classify data relying on association rule mining by discovering associations between a set of features and a class label. Support and confidence are the de-facto "interestingness measures" used for discovering relevant association rules. The support-confidence framework has also been used in most, if(More)
Recombination in the Genetic Algorithm (GA) is supposed to extract the component characteristics from two parents and reassemble them in different combinations hopefully producing an offspring that has the good characteristics of both parents. Symbiotic Combination is formerly introduced as an alternative for sexual recombination operator to overcome the(More)
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