Mojca Indihar Stemberger

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Business renovation is a key aspect of electronic business and a high-level strategy for managing change that generally cannot be handled by continuous improvement and organizational restructuring methods. Business process modeling and the evaluation of different alternative scenarios for improvement are usually the driving factors of the business(More)
Many different methods and techniques can be used for modelling business processes within business process renovation (BPR) projects. There are several techniques and tools that attempt to effectively represent all modelling perspectives and fulfil all goals and objectives but as such generate complex models that are hard to understand and reduce their ease(More)
1 vesna BosiLj vUkšić 2 Mojca inDiHaR šteMBeRGeR 3 aBstRact: Knowledge management is a process that transforms individual knowledge into organisational knowledge. The aim of this paper is to show that through creating, accumulating, organising and utilising knowledge, organisations can enhance organisa-tional performance. The impact of knowledge management(More)
1 This is the final version of the paper: Indihar Štemberger M., Jaklič J. (2007). Towards e-government by business process change-a methodology for public sector. Abstract E-government is becoming extremely important, however, it can not be successfully implemented without changes in business processes that are performed inside governmental institutions.(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to report on the results of research into the precedence of the maturity factors, or key turning points in business process maturity (BPM) implementation efforts. A key turning point is a component of BPM that stabilizes within an organization and leads to the next maturity level. Design/methodology/approach – Several(More)
The paper deals with integration of supply chains and specifically concentrates on the importance of distribution of information among various companies in the chain. It summarizes the most important concepts of supply chain management. Both technological changes and organizational improvements are essential for effective integration of supply chains.(More)
Non-profit organizations such as public sector organizations have some specifics, which make renovation projects significantly different. It is clear that radical changes in the execution of business processes and in the organizational structures are not suitable for the public sector because they are not possible for many, also political, reasons. A(More)