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In countries with a long history of entrepreneurship and market economy, significant research efforts have been devoted to family business succession. Such studies are rare in former communist countries, mainly because private enterprises were outlawed during the socialist economy era. Considering reports on the importance and complexity of succession(More)
Nowadays, enterprises can gain and sustain a competitive advantage in hypercompetitive environments for only a limited period of time. In order to be able to do that, enterprises must be dynamic. Even though – several authors suggest a positive association between organisational culture and the enterprise’s dynamic – we are still lacking the empirical(More)
Presented research tries to explain to what extent the process of striving towards integration and requisitely holistic wholeness, captured within the models of integral management, is present in Slovenian enterprises. Enterprises' governance and management within the environment and in relations with the environment has been examined. In order to achieve(More)
Succession has been recognized as one of the major problems of family businesses and, for this reason, has become one of the most researched topics in the family business research field [2, 48, 50]. Family businesses represent an important share in the structure of all firms. According to research findings, more than 70% of all firms worldwide [45] are(More)
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