Moisey Khananashvili

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The article is dedicated to P.S. Kupalov, due to his 120 Anniversary. P.S. Kupalov was the disciple of I.P. Pavlov and his nearest collaborator. Right after I.P. Pavlov, he was at the head of the Institute of Experimental Medicine in St-Petersburg, where he developed a number of new ideas, concerning conditioned reflexes. Thus, he discovered shortened(More)
Experiments on animals (rodents, beasts, primates) and observation in man have ascertained that psychogenic stress is the most important defensive state of living organisms, which is constantly involved in order to maintain their interaction with external psychogenic factors. Three types of stress should be distinguished, these include normostress,(More)
BACKGROUND Asthma exacerbation patterns are cyclic in nature and often correlate with air particle concentrations. OBJECTIVE To examine the relationship between asthma-related emergency department (ED) visits and outdoor air quality for pediatric and adult patients in a high asthma prevalence area, the New York City borough of the Bronx. METHODS Numbers(More)
Established that one of the factors promoting development of the psycho-nervous diseases, are various kinds of social deprivation. The purpose of this study was investigation of importance of social interactions at the early period of postnatal in development of resistance of the nervous system against the psychogenic stress in the adult rats. At weaning,(More)
Trace processes in the neuronally isolated cerebral cortex of one hemisphere were analysed. EEG and unit activity of the isolated cortex at different times after the operation were investigated. Temporal connections in the isolated cortex were elaborated. Neurons fixing the stimuli traces were revealed. These neurons (23 percent of reactive neurons) form a(More)
New approaches to optimization of interpersonal relationships in an isolated small group proposed in this paper can be applied to a manned mission to Mars. Some of these approaches have been tested in the course of preparation and implementation of an experiment with a 105-day isolation (the MARS-105 project) simulating the initial period of a manned(More)