Moises Delgado

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An almost perfect nonlinear (APN) function (necessarily a polynomial function) on a finite field F is called exceptional APN, if it is also APN on infinitely many extensions of F. In this article we consider the most studied case of F = F2n. A conjecture of Janwa-Wilson and McGuire-Janwa-Wilson (1993/1996), settled in 2011, was that the only exceptional(More)
Almost Perfect Nonlinear (APN) functions are very useful in cryptography, when they are used as S-Boxes, because of their good resistance to differential cryptanalysis. An APN function f : F2n → F2n is called exceptional APN if it is APN on infinitely many extensions of F2n . Aubry, McGuire and Rodier conjectured that the only exceptional APN functions are(More)
Let f be a function on a finite field F . The decomposition of the generalized Fermat variety X defined by the multivariate polynomial of degree n, φ(x, y, z) = f(x) + f(y) + f(z) in P(F2), plays a crucial role in the study of almost perfect non-linear (APN) functions and exceptional APN functions. Their structure depends fundamentally on the Fermat(More)
S. Aaronson C. Abate-Shen A. Abbas R. Abraham J. Abrams D. Accili O. Acuto J. Adams A. Aderem M. Affolter R. Agami A. Aguilera K. Ahmad R. Ahmed N. Ahn J. Ahringer C. Akey S. Akira E. Alani C. Alberini A. Alberts V. Allan C. Allis R. Allshire W. Almers G. Almouzni D. Alnemri F. Alt F. Althaus R. Amasino B. Amati V. Ambros A. Amon D. Anderson K. Anderson B.(More)
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