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Glutathione (GSH), trypanothione (T(SH)2) and glutathionyl spermidine (GSH-SP) concentrations were determined in the Tulahuén and LQ strains and the DM 28c clone of Trypanosoma cruzi. The concentrations of GSH, T(SH)2 and GSH-SP, expressed as nmol of GSH per g of parasite fresh weight, were 60.1, 397.8 and 103.9, respectively, for the Tulahuén strain. For(More)
Two approaches may be used to study the function of cytochrome P-450 in insects: (a) an evaluation of the spectral and catalytic properties of the hemoprotein while associated with microsomal membranes; (b) the solubilization, resolution and purification of the microsomal mixed-function oxidase system. The first approach has provided some understanding of(More)