Moisés Ríos Bermúdez

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Theoretical perspectives and research in sociology, anthropology, sociolinguistics, and cultural psychology converge in recognizing the significance of children's time spent in various activities, especially in the family context. Knowing how children's time is deployed, however, only gives us a partial answer to how children acquire competence; the other(More)
A simple, rapid, inexpensive fluorescence polarization assay for the detection of antibodies to Brucella abortus in bulk tank milk samples at the farm level or at dairies with a sensitivity and specificity of 100 and 95.9%, respectively, is described. The assay detects antibodies to B. abortus in 15 min by testing undiluted whey produced by chemical and(More)
Charles M. Super1, Giovanna Axia2, Sara Harkness1, Barbara Welles-Nyström3, Piotr Olaf Zylicz4, Parminder Parmar5, Sabrina Bonichini2, Moisés Rios Bermúdez6, Ughetta Moscardino2, Violet Kolar7, Jesús Palacios6, Andrzej Eliasz4, and Harry McGurk7 1University of Connecticut, USA 2University of Padua, Italy 3Karolinska Institute, Sweden 4Warsaw School of(More)
OBJECTIVES In this paper we present an age-structured epidemiological model for Chagas disease. This model includes the interactions between human and vector populations that transmit Chagas disease. METHODS The human population is divided into age groups since the proportion of infected individuals in this population changes with age as shown by real(More)
Picture yourself, for a moment, as an American visitor who has the privilege of spending a morning in a pleasant middle-class Dutch home observing the normal routine of a mother and her 6-monthold baby. The mother made sure you got there by 8:30 to witness the morning bath, an opportunity for playful interaction with the baby. The baby has been dressed in(More)
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