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Regular counts from 2005 to 2009 were made of the waterbirds inhabiting lakes and ponds in Lanín National Park in the southwestern part of Neuquén Province, Argentina, a landscape dominated by Andean–Patagonian wetlands and forests. Bird surveys conducted on 21 wetland areas detected 8,311 individuals belonging to 27 species from 9 families. The most(More)
Nephrotoxicity limits the use of aminoglycoside antibiotics. Kidney damage is produced mainly in the renal tubule due to an inflammatory and oxidative process. At preclinical level, many drugs and natural products have been tested as prospective protectors of aminoglycoside nephrotoxicity. The main objective of this work was to make a systematic literature(More)
The clinical utility of aminoglycoside antibiotics is partly limited by their nephrotoxicity. Co-administration of a variety of candidate nephroprotectants has been tested at the preclinical level. According to a recent meta-analytic study, antioxidants are the only family of compounds with enough preclinical documentation to draw solid conclusions on their(More)
Nephrotoxicity limits the therapeutic efficacy of the antineoplastic drug cisplatin. Due to dosage adjustment and appropriate monitoring, most therapeutic courses with cisplatin produce no or minimal kidney damage. However, we studied whether even sub-nephrotoxic dosage of cisplatin poses a potential risk for the kidneys by predisposing to acute kidney(More)
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