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An efficient affine projection (AP) algorithm, the filtered-x AP algorithm (FXAP), is presented for multichannel active noise control. This algorithm is based on the filtered-x scheme and uses the fast error vector computation and a recursive method to calculate matrix inversions. The new approach provides a significant saving in computational cost compared(More)
Personal audio reproduction systems deal with the creation of personal sound zones within a room without the necessity of using headphones. These systems use an array of loudspeakers and design the required filters at each loudspeaker in order to render the desired audio signal to each person in the room as free of interferences as possible. There are very(More)
A computationally efficient version of the affine projection (AP) algorithm avoiding matrix inversions is presented and developed for multichannel active noise control (ANC) systems. A comparative study of the classical multichannel filtered-x LMS (MFXLMS), the multichannel filtered-x affine projection (MFXAP) and its computationally efficient version,(More)
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