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Traffic Light Detection is a problem differently approached by many research groups around the world. Here we present a novel technique to detect suspended traffic lights, based on colors and features such as black area of traffic lights or area of lighting lamps. Additionally, the traffic light distance is estimated aiming at slowing down and stopping in(More)
Keywords: On-line signature verification On-line and off-line signature fusion Signature synthesis Off-line signature verification Biometric performance evaluation a b s t r a c t On-line signature verification still remains a challenging task within biometrics. Due to their behavioural nature (opposed to anatomic biometric traits), signatures present a(More)
—One of the main challenges of off-line signature recognition is the absence of large databases. A possible alternative to overcome this problem is the generation of fully synthetic signature databases, not subject to legal or privacy concerns. In this paper we propose several approaches to the synthesis of off-line enhanced signatures from real dynamic(More)