Moisès Graells

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The present study provides results describing the degradation performance of the Sulfamethazine (SMT) antibiotic via photo-Fenton treatment. Experiments were carried out using 1 L solution samples of SMT (50 mg L(-1)) under different conditions. HPLC results reveal that both Fenton and photo-Fenton reactions were able to completely remove SMT antibiotic(More)
This paper investigates fault diagnosis in batch processes and presents a comparative study of feature extraction and classification techniques applied to a specific biotechnological case study: the fermentation process model by Birol et al. (Comput Chem Eng 26:1553-1565, 2002), which is a benchmark for advanced batch processes monitoring, diagnosis and(More)
This paper presents the system integration and hierarchical control implementation in an inverter-based Microgrid Research Laboratory (MGRL) at Aalborg University, Denmark. MGRL aims to provide a flexible experimental platform for comprehensive studies of microgrids. The structure of the laboratory, including the facilities, configurations, and(More)
An important problem to be addressed by diagnostic systems in industrial applications is the estimation of faults with incomplete observations. This work discusses different approaches for handling missing data, and performance of data-driven fault diagnosis schemes. An exploiting classifier and combined methods were assessed in TennesseeEastman process,(More)
One of the main limitations of the current plant supervisory control systems is the correct management of multiple simultaneous faults, which is crucial for supporting plant operators decision-making. In this work, Support Vector Machines (SVM) are used because of its proved efficiency dealing with multiclass problems in other technical areas. A Fault(More)
Microgrids are energy systems that aggregate distributed energy resources, loads and power electronics devices in a stable and balanced way. They rely on energy management systems to schedule optimally the distributed energy resources. Conventionally, many scheduling problems have been solved by using complex algorithms that, even so, do not consider the(More)