Moira J Williamson

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BACKGROUND This paper examines the contributions of dispositional and non-dispositional factors to post-disaster psychological morbidity. Data reported are from the 845 participants in the longitudinal component of the Quake Impact Study. METHODS The phase 1 survey was used to construct dimensional indices of threat and disruption exposure. Subsequently,(More)
OBJECTIVE to describe and explore the effect that pregnancy, childbirth and adjustment to a new baby have on the sexual relationship of fathers. DESIGN a content analysis, using a qualitative approach, was undertaken on the written comments provided by fathers on a 6-week postpartum postal survey. The survey was undertaken to provide information relating(More)
OBJECTIVES As part of a study that explored how midwives incorporate cultural sensitivity, into their practice, the literature was reviewed to ascertain how the concept of culture has been, defined and what recommendations have been made as to how to provide culturally appropriate care, to individuals from Indigenous and/or ethnic minority backgrounds. (More)
OBJECTIVES This review explored the extent to which the role of midwives in nutrition education during pregnancy has been reported in the literature and areas requiring further research were identified. REVIEW METHOD A review of the literature was undertaken. Articles included in the review were published in English, in scholarly journals, and provided(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the functional status of new fathers. DESIGN A descriptive, correlational study. SETTING A variety of postnatal services within one regional center in New South Wales, Australia. PARTICIPANTS One hundred twenty-eight men who had fathered a healthy infant born at or near term, both first-time fathers and men adding to their(More)
BACKGROUND Maternal diets are not consistent with dietary guidance and this may affect the health of mothers and their infants. Nutrition knowledge and motivation may be important factors. AIMS To assess pregnant women's diets in relation to consistency with the Australian Guidelines for Healthy Eating (AGHE); factors influencing women's adherence to the(More)
BACKGROUND Excessive gestational weight gain (GWG) can negatively impact on maternal and foetal health. Guidelines based on Institute of Medicine (IOM) encourage managing GWG by following healthy eating recommendations and increasing physical activity. This study investigated pregnant women's knowledge of their optimal GWG and recommended dietary approaches(More)
BACKGROUND The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating (AGHE) for pregnancy provides a number of food- and nutrition-related recommendations to assist pregnant women in optimizing their dietary behavior. However, there are limited data demonstrating pregnant women's knowledge of the AGHE recommendations. This study investigated Australian pregnant women's(More)
BACKGROUND Maternal nutrition during pregnancy affects the health of the mother and the baby. Midwives are ideally placed to provide nutrition education to pregnant women. There is limited published research evidence of Australian midwives' nutrition knowledge, attitudes and confidence. AIM To investigate Australian midwives' nutrition knowledge,(More)
OBJECTIVE Efforts to improve the psychiatric competence of the general medical workforce must include an appraisal of how psychiatry is taught in medical schools. As a contribution to this appraisal a description is given of psychiatric education in the innovative undergraduate medical curriculum at the University of Newcastle. METHOD An outline of the(More)