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As compared to gel and other topical preparations microemulgel has been prepared by screening of oils, emulsifier, and co-emulsifier on bases of solubility of an API in it. An API has high solubility and oil may also have more or less pharmacological property, so it may assist the therapeutic action of API. Due to presence of oil portion, it leads to more(More)
The present work is aimed to develop and optimize pulsatile delivery during dissolution of an improved formulation of valsartan to coordinate the drug release with circadian rhythm. Preliminary studies suggested that β cyclodextrin could improve the solubility of valsartan and showed AL type solubility curve. A 1:1 stoichiometric ratio of valsartan to β(More)
The present investigation was carried out to design, optimize, and evaluate lurasidone hydrochloride nanocrystals for improving its solubility and dissolution characteristics. Nanocrystals were prepared by media milling technique using zirconium oxide beads with 0.1 mm diameter. Various stabilizers, viz. poloxamer 188, PVP K30, SLS, HPMC E15, and PVP S 630(More)
The present investigation was carried out to develop and characterize a multifunctional co-processed excipient for improving the compressibility of poorly compressible drugs. Etodolac was used as a model drug. Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC), lactose monohydrate (lactose), and StarCap 1500 (StarCap) were selected as components of the co-processed(More)
Chronotherapeutics is a method of treatment in which in-vivo drug availability is timed to match rhythms of disease, in order to optimize therapeutic outcomes and minimize side effects. From past several decades pulsatile delivery system has gained a lot interest as dosage form. Pulsatile delivery system aims to release drugs in planned pattern which means(More)
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research Available online at © Copyright protected. Unauthorised republication, reproduction, distribution, dissemination and copying of this document in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. 81 Niyaz S. Mansuri1,2*, Punit B. Parejiya3, Moinuddin M Soniwala4 1PhD(More)
Topical delivery of hydrophobic drug with good patient acceptance is a big challenge which is successfully handled by Emulgels. The was to prepare emulgel of mefenamic acid, a NSAID, using gelling agent and methyl salicylates as counter irritant agent. Theemulsion was prepared and it was incorporated in gel base in the ratio of 1:1. The prepar formulations(More)
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