Moica Zvezdana Dernovsek

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BACKGROUND Adverse drug reactions are important determinants of non-adherence to antidepressant treatment, but their assessment is complicated by overlap with depressive symptoms and lack of reliable self-report measures. AIMS To evaluate a simple self-report measure and describe adverse reactions to antidepressants in a large sample. METHOD The newly(More)
BACKGROUND Being overweight or obese may be associated with poor response to antidepressants. The present report explores the moderation of antidepressant response by body weight to establish the specificity to antidepressant mode of action, type of depressive symptoms and gender. METHODS Height and weight were measured in 797 men and women with major(More)
1. Rats with spontaneous recurrent seizures (SRS) were obtained by injection of kainic acid (KA; 10 mg/kg SC) to drug-naive rats that regularly developed wet-dog shakes followed by complex partial seizures and status epilepticus. Three to five weeks later, the rats with manifest SRS were selected. 2. The SRS rats were challenged with KA (10 mg/kg SC). The(More)
Background: Lower age at onset of schizophrenia has been traditionally associated with poorer response to treatment and less favourable prognosis. The aim of the study was to find out whether age at onset of schizophrenia is related to the dosage of typical neuroleptics in outpatients. Method: Age at onset was defined as age at first seeking of psychiatric(More)
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