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Aiming to better prepare engineering graduates for challenges of practical real-world engineering job, the Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering and the School of Engineering of Monash University in Robotics and Electronics have jointly introduced several teaching units (subjects) solely based on a team project learning approach. This(More)
Educational support available is an important criterion for selecting a microcontroller for teaching embedded programming in an under graduate university course. The paper presents and discusses two things - first the criteria employed to choose a microcontroller that has been used as the base for teaching the undergraduate course on Design for Computer(More)
Maintaining quality and reliability of operation of remotely located electrical machines as well as power supply equipment by monitoring their load is an important task in modern practical electrical engineering. This paper presents a low-cost efficient, robust and relatively simple load monitoring electronic system based on the use of special encapsulated(More)
This paper presents a novel electronic system for stock control and container tracking in a storage warehouse environment. The system is based on the use of advanced electronic identification tags and 1-Wire communication tools. Each warehouse container is affixed with a small electronic ID tag (called iButton). The tag is an electronic chip housed in a(More)
A project based approach has been adopted to teach matlab/simulink based controller design, mixed signal embedded microcontroller (SiLab C8051F020) based implementation of the controller for DC motor speed control project, the laboratory part of the subject 143.335 Instrumentation, Electronics and Control Engineering at Massey University, New Zealand. The(More)
Process disturbances during the manufacture of an integrated circuit cause the fabricated circuit to vary from the design specifications. In some cases the variations are such that circuit faults result. The relationship between circuit faults and process disturbances is of interest because some applications such as yield prediction require information(More)
Demand for engineering graduates is steadily growing around the world. Attracting more students into engineering has become a task of an emerging importance. Mobile robotics is an excellent tool to fascinate young boys and girls while drawing their interests to such fields as mechanical, electrical, electronic, control and computer engineering. It also(More)