Mohy Mahmoud

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This paper presents an implementation of an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) aiming to secure the AODV protocol designed for MANET. The IDS is designed as multiple static agents that run on a subset of the nodes in the network and executes a monitoring protocol that observes the process of route establishment. The monitoring protocol uses specification(More)
Few attempts have been made at defining a formal and traceable relationship for integrating security in all phases of analysis, modeling, and verification of software systems. In this paper, we propose a rigorous methodology for utilizing threat modeling in building secure software architectures using SAM (Software Architecture Modeling framework) and(More)
The suffix array is an indexing data structure used in a wide range of applications in Bioinformatics. Biological DNA sequences are available to download from public servers in the form of compressed files, where the popular lossless compression program gzip [1] is employed. The straightforward method to construct the suffix array for this data involves(More)
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