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This paper is concentrated on quality of services offered by colleges so that those colleges can compete their rivals and seek satisfaction from students. In whole of the world especially Pakistan’s focus is concentrated on spreading education. For education enhancement, role of Private Colleges is extremely admitable. Competition of Colleges is also(More)
The purpose of this study was to measure the effect of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards on employee attitudes, job satisfaction and organizational commitment as well as the mediating role of perceived organizational support. Data were collected from banking sector of Faisalabad, Pakistan. The main objective was to focus the employee’s perception about the(More)
This study explores the role of demographic factors in relationship between HPWS and job satisfaction. The data was collected from 674 academic faculties across 23 public sector universities of Pakistan. KruskalWallis Test reveals that perception of HPWS and Job satisfaction among academic faculty varies with rank, nature of job and age while gender has no(More)
The aim of present study was to evaluate the different pomegranate cultivars for physicochemical properties and to identify the best cultivars suitable for food processing and future breeding. Various attributes of fruit (including length, weight and diameter), rind (thickness and weight), calyx (length), aril (weight, percentage, length and width), seed(More)
The study was mainly focused on estimation of monetary policy reaction function and degree of sterilization for the sample comprising of Pakistan, Korea, Philippines and Japan by using quarterly data ranging from 1980-1 to 2007-2. The study has used Johansen multivariate co integration technique. We conclude that over the period of study all the central(More)
As a bad behavior, CWB has attract many researches attention. However, we know little about whether CWB is employees' compulsive action or intentional behavior. This paper put forwards some propositions about proactive and reactive CWB. Proactive CWB is private, intentional behavior, and reactive CWB is overt, implusive behavior. Proactive CWB relate to(More)
BACKGROUND Potato is an important vegetable; however, salt stress drastically affects its growth and yield. A pot experiment was therefore conducted to assess salicylic acid efficacy in improving performance of potato cultivars, grown under salt stress (50 mmol L-1 ). Salicylic acid at 0.5 mmol L-1 was sprayed on to potato plants after 1 week of salinity(More)
This paper represents an attempt at measuring the impact of certain cultural factors on economic growths of selected Asian countries .For this purpose, we tested the hypothesis on whether the existence strong cultural traits have had a large impact on people’s life and thus leads to higher growth. Cultural factors are incorporated into baseline endogenous(More)
This paper examined the relationships among employee’s participation in decision making (PDM), manager’s encouragement of creativity (MEOC) and employee’s creativity (CTY) and the role of climate for creativity and change (CLT) as a possible mediator among the relationships. Multisource data was collected from 206 employees and their managers. The results(More)
The current study while applying the theoretical framework based on expectancy theory examined the relationship between satisfaction with compensation and work motivation. The dimensions i.e. fixed pay, flexible pay, and benefits were examined with regard to satisfaction with compensation. The work motivation on the other hand was studied using the effort(More)
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