Mohsen S. Sajadieh

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This paper investigates a real-world case of a logistical management problem. We determine the optimal amounts of wheat to be transported from each producing province to each consuming province per month across the year. The problem was formulated as a linear integer programming (LIP) model, which could then be solved using LINGO optimisation software. As(More)
In order to perform Preventive Maintenance (PM), two approaches have evolved in the literature. The traditional approach is based on the use of statistical and reliability analysis of equipment failure. Under statistical-reliability (S-R)-based PM, the objective of achieving the minimum total cost is pursued by establishing fixed PM intervals, which are(More)
In this paper, we consider the joint optimization of production, inventory, transportation and pricing policies in a multi-product two-stage supply chain. The products are complementary and their demands are not only dependent on their own price but also on their complementary product price. Mathematical model of the problem is presented in both centralized(More)
An Industrial Cluster (IC) is a group of similar and interconnected companies in a particular field located in a geographic concentration to share common resources. The relationship of supply chain management (SCM) and ICs are not sufficiently investigated mathematically so far. In this research, Supply Hub in Industrial Cluster (SHIC) is proposed as a(More)
In this paper we investigate four sourcing models with respect to both cooperative or noncooperative planning strategies, and sole or dual sourcing. A two-stage supply chain is considered, which includes a single buyer and either a single or dual vendor(s). At the buyer the product is consumed at a constant rate, and an (r, Q) policy is used to generate(More)
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