Mohsen Ostad Shabani

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Aluminum metal matrix composites (MMCs) reinforced with nanoceramics are ideal materials for the manufacture of lightweight automotive and other commercial parts. Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system combined with particle swarm optimization method is implemented in this research study in order to optimize the parameters in processing of aluminum MMCs. In(More)
The aim of the present study was to find better developments to improve the performance of population optimization, especially from the angle of keeping the population diversity, to enhance the global search in the early part of the optimization and to encourage the particles to converge toward the global optima at the end of the search. The results were(More)
Development and application of metal matrix composite materials and increased application of calculations, simulations and modeling in the area of semi-solid solidification ask for the knowledge of compocasting for these materials. In this study, a self-organizing hierarchical particle swarm optimizer is implemented for computational modeling and(More)
Mixer-settlers typically contain an impeller mounted on a shaft, and optionally it can contain baffles. In this study, the effect of the number of baffles on the separation characteristics of the system, and the effect of blade width and inlet velocity on baffles number have been investigated. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model is developed to predict(More)
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