Mohsen Nader Tehrani

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With the introduction of a myriad of smart handheld devices, user demands for mobile broadband are undergoing an unprecedented rise. The drastic growth of bandwidth-hungry applications such as video streaming and multimedia file sharing are already pushing the limits of current cellular systems. In the next decade, envisioned media-rich mobile applications(More)
In this paper, we consider the shared used model in the context of IEEE 802.22 cognitive and investigate spectrum trading via auction approach. We consider two different scenarios in which the dominant risk is either associated with imperfect spectrum sensing or the uncertainties in the environment. Taking into account these risks, we propose a bidding(More)
In the current literature on cognitive radio, it is commonly assumed that fixed time durations are assigned for spectrum sensing and data transmission. It is however possible to improve the performance by finding the best tradeoff between sensing time and network throughput. In this paper, we formulate the sensing-throughput problem to dynamically assign a(More)
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