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This paper investigates the approximated workspace and the maximal singularity-free ellipsoid of a class of 6-UPS parallel mechanisms referred to as quadratic Gough-Stewart platforms. More emphasis is placed on finding the optimum ellipsoid, by taking into account the stroke of actuators, in which the mechanism exhibits no singularity, a definite asset in(More)
The early cancer studies on immigrants, which started to appear some 50 years ago, showed that the incidence in cancers changes to the level of the new host country in one or two generations. These findings were fundamental to the understanding of the environmental etiology of human cancer. Many immigrant groups originate from countries with no cancer(More)
In this paper, we proposed a simple but robust fuzzy logic path tracking controller for a mobile robot in a deterministic environment. Although some related works consider multiple dependent decision variables to determine the control inputs, we introduce two independent controllers with one input variable and one output variable which we named as control(More)
In this paper a distributed, mathematical and optimization-based planning problem is introduced to control motion of multiple vehicles as a team which are connected to each other by a communication network. This framework is defined based on a Linear Time Varying Model Predictive Control (LTV-MPC). To do so, we define linear time varying constraints to(More)
In this article, a capacitated location-allocation problem is considered in which customer's demands and locations are uncertain. While the demands are fuzzy, the locations are stochastic and follow a normal distribution. The distance between the locations and the customers are Euclidean and squared Euclidean. Two closed-form expressions based on Euclidean(More)
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