Mohsen Mohammad Rahimi

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BACKGROUND Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) is a common neurological movement disorder characterized by symptoms that follow a circadian pattern. Night and rotating shift work schedules exert adverse effects on functions of the human body by disturbing circadian rhythms, and they are known to cause sleep disturbances and insomnia. In this paper, we investigate(More)
This paper proposes a competent and effective scheme to enhance the ride-through capability of DFIGbased wind turbines under unbalanced voltage dip conditions. The proposed method is realized through joint use of the rotor-side converter control and a three-phase stator damping resistor (SDR) placed in series with the stator windings. By means of an(More)
OBJECTIVES Various methods for repairing bone defects are presented. Cell therapy is one of these methods. Bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs) seem to be suitable for this purpose. On the other hand, lots of biomaterials are used to improve and repair the defect in the body, so in this study we tried to produce a similar structure to the bone by the chitosan(More)
Implementing and developing electronic government is the necessity of current era. In this situation, developing countries are increasingly trying to implement electronic government. This depends heavily on accepting the by the various public. Thus, the main aim of this research is to investigate the most important damages of accepting electronic government(More)
The patient was a 51-year-old lady with left flank colicky pain accompanied with nausea and vomiting for a month. Transurethral lithotripsy and ureteral stent placement was considered for the patient. The patient had a narrow ureteral lumen and while bringing the ureteroscope out, ureteral avulsion occurred at a distance approximately 4 cm from(More)
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