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BACKGROUND The single most common proto-oncogene change in human neoplasms is a point mutation in RAS genes. A wide range of variation in frequency of KRAS mutations has been seen in hematologic malignancies. Despite this, RAS roles in leukemogenesis remain unclear. The frequency of KRAS mutations in CML has been reported to be between zero an 10%. Many(More)
Spent Sulfidic Caustic was biologically treated and regenerated for reusing by Thiobacillus denitrificans bacteria, sulfide content oxidized and RSNa reduced dramatically.PH in this test was 11.8 and no neutralization has been done on spent caustic, so spent caustic as the most difficult of industrial wastes to dispose could be regenerate and reuse instead(More)
High resolution digital elevation models (DEM) are utilized in automatic extraction of single-trees in mixed forests. In this paper the digital surface models (DSM) provided from aerial images with resolutions of 8 cm and 20 cm and airborne laser scanning ALS data are investigated. The results showed a relative good representation of the tree crowns even in(More)
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