Mohsen Masihi

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We investigate the effects of anisotropy on finite-size scaling of site percolation in two dimensions. We consider a lattice of size n(x) x n(y). We define an aspect ratio omega=n(x)/n(y) and consider the mean connected fraction P (averaged over the realizations) as a function of the site occupancy probability (p), the system size (n(x)), and this aspect(More)
We investigate the effects of anisotropy on the finite-size scaling of connectivity and conductivity of continuum percolation in three dimensions. We consider a system of size X×Y×Z in which cubic bodies of size a×b×c are placed randomly. We define two aspect ratios to request anisotropy then we expect that the displacement of average connected fraction P(More)
In this paper, a very efficient method, called single matrix block analyzer (SMBA), has been developed to determine relative permeability and capillary pressure curves from spontaneous imbibition (SI) data. SMBA mimics realistically the SI tests by appropriate boundary conditions modeling. In the proposed method, a cuboid with an identical core plug height(More)
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