Mohsen Machhout

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In this paper, we propose an elliptic curve key generation processor over GF(2 163) scheme based on the Montgomery scalar multiplication algorithm. The new architecture is performed using polynomial basis. The Finite Field operations use a cellular automata multiplier and Fermat algorithm for inversion. For real time implementation, the architecture has(More)
The continued growth of both wired and wireless communications has triggered the revolution for the generation of new cryptographic algorithms. Hash functions are common and important cryptographic primitives, which are very critical for data integrity assurance and data origin authentication security services. Many hash algorithms have been investigated(More)
Cellular Automata (CAs) have been applied successfully to several physical systems, processes and scientific problems that involve local interactions, such as image processing, data encryption and byte error correcting codes. In this paper, we analyze the cellular automata, and we propose a reconfigurable cryptosystem based on 2-D Von Neumann cellular(More)
—The cipher block chaining (CBC) block cipher mode of operation presents a very popular way of encrypting which is used in various applications. In previous research work, we have mathematically proven that, under some conditions, this mode of operation can admit a chaotic behavior according to Devaney. Proving that CBC mode is chaotic is only the beginning(More)
The arithmetic in a finite field constitutes the core of Public Key Cryptography like RSA, ECC or pairing-based cryptography. This paper discusses an efficient hardware implementation of the Coarsely Integrated Operand Scanning method (CIOS) of Montgomery modular multiplication combined with an effective systolic architecture designed with a Two-dimensional(More)
In asymetric cryptography, Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) is the fastest in term of computation and the strongest in term of security. It can be used in message encryption/decryption, digital signature or key exchange. ECC can be implemented in hard over binary field GF (2 n) or in soft over prime field GF (p). This paper presents an efficient software(More)