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Iran's Policy Towards Afghanistan
Since 1979, Iran's objectives in Afghanistan have changed as Afghanistan's domestic landscape changed. Still, Iran has consistently sought to see a stable and independent Afghanistan, with Herat as aExpand
The Making Of Iran's Islamic Revolution: From Monarchy To Islamic Republic
* Introduction Conceptual Framework * The Study of Revolution: Science of Anarchy or Anarchy of Science? Historical Background * The Constitutional Movement and the Creation of the Pahlavi Dynasty *Expand
Tehran's Take: Understanding Iran's U.S. Policy
Although a great deal has been written about the United States' policy toward Iran, hardly anything comprehensive has been produced about Iran's policy toward the United States. Given Washington'sExpand
Power shifts in revolutionary Iran
Iran and Saudi Arabia Square Off
Why Tehran Won't Abandon Assad(ism)
When the Arab Spring reached the Mediterranean shores of Syria in early 2011, there was an ephemeral exuberance that Bashar Assad’s dictatorship would be replaced with a democratic order. Today,Expand
Harvest of shame: Tudeh and the Bazargan government
The foundation of Iran's theocracy was laid during the tenure of Mehdi Bazargan's Provisional Revolutionary Government (PRG) from February to November 1979. In those fateful months, the fiercestExpand