Mohsen JafariAsbagh

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The problem of clustering content in social media has pervasive applications, including the identification of discussion topics, event detection, and content recommendation. Here, we describe a streaming framework for online detection and clustering of memes in social media, specifically Twitter. A pre-clustering procedure, namely protomeme detection, first(More)
The use of quantitative metrics to gauge the impact of scholarly publications, authors, and disciplines is predicated on the availability of reliable usage and annotation data. Citation and download counts are widely available from digital libraries. However, current annotation systems rely on proprietary labels, refer to journals but not articles or(More)
The increasing pervasiveness of social media creates new opportunities to study human social behavior, while challenging our capability to analyze their massive data streams. One of the emerging tasks is to distinguish between different kinds of activities, for example engineered misinformation campaigns versus spontaneous communication. Such detection(More)
Scholarometer ( is a social tool developed to facilitate citation analysis and help evaluate the impact of authors. The Scholarometer service allows scholars to compute various citation-based impact measures. In exchange, users provide disciplinary annotations of authors, which allow for the computation of discipline-specific(More)
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