Mohsen Ghali

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Semiconductor quantum dots are potential sources for generating polarization-entangled photons efficiently. The main prerequisite for such generation based on biexciton-exciton cascaded emission is to control the exciton fine-structure splitting. Among various techniques investigated for this purpose, an electric field is a promising means to facilitate the(More)
A case/control study of childhood rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) was conducted utilizing information from birth records. Cases among Connecticut residents age 19 and younger diagnosed between 1960 and 1988 were identified from the Connecticut Tumor Registry files. Connecticut birth certificates were located for 103 of the 130 cases identified. A random sample of(More)
The stenotic mitral valve area is a major determinant of the atrioventricular pressure-flow relation, and mean atrioventricular pressure gradient is proportionate to the square of mean flow rate. In the absence of obstruction, this relation is linear. The effect of the normal mitral valve area on this pressure-flow relation has not been previously examined.(More)
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