Mohsen Azadbakht

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Datura is a pharmaceutical plant with a wide range of properties. Polyploidization sometimes causes large-scale genomic reorganizations and is accompanied by a wide variety of phenotypic alterations in vegetative and morphological characteristics. Several polyploid datura plants were developed by trifluralin and colchicine treatments and were compared with(More)
Geometric and radiometric attributes of targets are provided by full-waveform LiDAR data. However, the accuracy of such information depends largely on the adopted data processing method. In this study, the emphasis is on the retrieval of the temporal target cross-section by regularization methods, with the subsequent extraction of the backscattering(More)
The lack of noise reduction methods resistant to waveform distortion can hamper correct and accurate decomposition in the processing of full-waveform LiDAR data. This paper evaluates a time-domain method for smoothing and reducing the noise level in such data. The Savitzky-Golay (S-G) approach approximates and smooths data by taking advantage of fitting a(More)
Full-waveform lidar systems capture the complete backscattered signal from the interaction of the laser beam with targets located within the laser footprint. The resulting data have advantages over discrete return lidar, including higher accuracy of the range measurements and the possibility of retrieving additional returns from weak and overlapping pulses.(More)
The Ohmic heating rate of a food is highly influenced by its electrical conductivity. In this study, electrical conductivities, colour changes and system performance of liquid whole egg, white egg and yolk were determined on a laboratory scale static Ohmic heater by applying 30 V/cm voltage gradient. The samples were heated from room temperature through to(More)
Since fuel must be injected with appropriate pressure and time for accurate performance of diesel engines, then proper function of engine is influenced by accurate function of injector pump. At first total pump was designed by SolidWorks 2012 software. Then the total relationship of rotor, roller, internal cam ring, pole shoe and plunger in injector pump in(More)
Accurate waveform restoration, from the received noisy waveform, is of great interest to the full-waveform LiDAR community. As a result of this, important attributes could be estimated precisely which are valuable in describing and differentiating LiDAR targets. Assumptions behind prominent methods like the Gaussian decomposition do not hold due to the(More)
Knowing pea pods mechanical resistance against dynamic forces are important for design of combine harvester. In pea combine harvesters, threshing is accomplished by two mechanical actions of impact and friction forces. In this research, the effects of initial moisture content and needed impact and friction energy on threshing of pea pods were studied. An(More)