Mohsen Akbarpour Shirazi

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Strategic information systems (SIS) focus on the use of information system (IS) and information technology (IT) in the strategic management process in business organizations. The emphasis is on the strategic view of IS and IT and their impact on organizational strategy. Increased competition and advances in information technologies push for considerable(More)
With widespread increasing applications of mechanized tunneling in almost all ground conditions, prediction of tunnel boring machine (TBM) performance is required for time planning, cost control and choice of excavation method in order to make tunneling economical. Penetration rate is a principal measure of full-face TBM performance and is used to evaluate(More)
Considering the geographical location and climatic conditions of Iran, solar energy can provide a considerable portion of the energy demand for the country. This study develops a two-step framework. In the first step, the map of unsuitable regions is extracted based on the defined constraints. In the next step, in order to identify the suitability of(More)
Q2 mulation 18 Clustering 19 Corporate strategy 20 2 1 a b s t r a c t 22 Recent corporate organizations are significantly more complicated than ever. They are more distributed 23 and networked, as supply chains, virtual organizations and corporate arrangements. By increasing the 24 complexity of the decision making in dynamic competitive environment,(More)
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