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BACKGROUND Clients with communication impairment are at risk for health disparity. Hence, health care workers should be knowledgeable and skillful in communication. However, no studies are available on Iranian nursing and midwifery students' communication skills with patients with severe communication problems. OBJECTIVES The present study was conducted(More)
BACKGROUND Patients waiting for coronary angiography are often anxious and worried, experiencing considerable emotional problems before the procedure, which can result in an increase in blood pressure (BP), heart rate, respiratory rate and the myocardial oxygen demand. Such maladaptive responses may not only increase the patients need for sedative drugs,(More)
INTRODUCTION A successful implementation of an information system is impossible without sufficient knowledge of available technical resources of an institute. The aim of this study was to determine technical feasibility of a nursing clinical information system (NCIS) in Mazandaran province, Iran, 2015. METHODS This cross-sectional study was conducted in(More)
BACKGROUND With increasing incidence of traumatic fractures, the use of orthopedic intervention such as traction has increased. Inappropriate traction care may cause substantial morbidity and delay the patient rehabilitation. OBJECTIVES This study was conducted to evaluate the quality of care for patients with traction in the orthopedic unit of Kashan's(More)
BACKGROUND While the Iranian nursing profession tries to reach to its full capacity for participating in the maintenance of public health, its desire to develop is strongly influenced by cultural, economic, and religious factors. The concept of empowerment is frequently used in nursing and the health services, particularly in relation to the quality of(More)
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