Mohsan Raza

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The aim of this paper is to introduced subclasses of Janowski functions with bounded boundary and bounded radius rotations of complex order b and of type ρ. And also to study the mapping properties of these classes under certain integral operators defined and studied by Breaz et. al recently. 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 30C45, 30C50.
The aim of this paper is to define and study a class of analytic functions related to Bazilevic type functions in the open unit disc.This class is defined by using a convolution operator and the concept of bounded radius rotation of order ρ . A necessary condition, inclusion result, arc length and some other interesting properties of this class of functions(More)
which are analytic in the open unit disk E. Also, A1 = A, the usual class of analytic functions defined in the open unit disk E = {z : |z| < 1}. Let f(z) and g(z) be analytic in E. We say that the function f is subordinate to the function g and write f(z) ≺ g(z), if and only if there exists Schwarz function w, analytic in E such that w(0) = 0, |w(z)| < 1(More)
In this paper, the authors determine the coefficient bounds for functions in certain subclasses of analytic functions related with the conic regions, which are introduced by using the concept of bounded boundary and bounded radius rotations. The effect of certain integral operator on these classes has also been examined. Sarfraz Nawaz Malik, Mohsan Raza,(More)
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