Mohsan Aliabadi

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The result of a general survey on the concentration of fall-out (239+240)Pu in soil collected from several regions in Iran are presented. The samples represent mixed soil averaged over the depth of 0-50 mm. According to the results obtained by alpha spectrometry on 96 soil samples from 32 locations, the (239+240)Pu concentrations vary in the range 80-360(More)
The purpose of this study is to describe the personal exposure to respirable dust and quartz and in stone crushing units located at west of Iran. A size of 40 personal samples and 40 stationary samples were obtained and analysis was done by X-ray diffraction (XRD). The results of personal sampling were shown the concentrations of respirable dust exposure(More)
The traditional cyclone with spray scrubber was developed for the removal of airborne silica particles from local exhaust ventilation (LEV). The objective of this research is to evaluate the efficiency of this process for removing silica particles in LEV. After designing and installing a traditional cyclone and spray scrubber, air samples were obtained at(More)
Adsorption capacity of Cr(VI) onto sawdust of aspen tree and activated sawdust, was investigated in a batch system by considering the effects of various parameters like contact time, initial concentration, pH , temperature, agitation speed, absorbent dose and particle size. Cr(VI) removal is pH dependent and found to be maximum at pH 2.0. The amounts of(More)
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