Mohmmad Rafiqul Islam

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The wind resource is a crucial step in planning a wind energy project and detailed knowledge of the wind characteristic at a site is needed to estimate the performance of a wind energy project. In this paper, with the help of 2-parameter Weibull distribution, the assessment of wind energy potentiality at Kudat and Labuan in 2006e2008 was carried out.(More)
Very high energy electrons (VHEE) in the range from 100-250 MeV have the potential of becoming an alternative modality in radiotherapy because of their improved dosimetry properties compared with MV photons from contemporary medical linear accelerators. Due to the need for accurate dosimetry of small field size VHEE beams we have performed dose measurements(More)
Progress in laser wakefield accelerators indicates their suitability as a driver of compact free-electron lasers (FELs). High brightness is defined by the normalized transverse emittance, which should be less than 1π mm mrad for an x-ray FEL. We report high-resolution measurements of the emittance of 125 MeV, monoenergetic beams from a wakefield(More)
Genetic variation of Oryza sativa L. landraces (LRs) collected from the saline coastal belt of Bangladesh, modern varieties (MVs), as well as Pokkali, Nona Bokra and salt tolerant modern varieties (SMVs) derived from the last two were analyzed with 60 evenly distributed rice microsatellite DNA markers. A total of 196 reproducible polymorphic alleles were(More)
Joining dissimilar metals has recently become very popular in industries because of the advantages associated with the weld joint. This paper focuses on an investigation of mechanical and material properties, and the optimization of mechanical properties in resistance spot welding methods in lap configurations between AISI 301 stainless steel and AISI 1020(More)
Electron beams from laser-plasma wakefield accelerators have low transverse emittance, comparable to those from conventional radio frequency accelerators, which highlights their potential for applications, many of which will require the use of quadrupole magnets for optimal electron beam transport. We report on characterizing electron bunches where double(More)
Drilling is carried out in deeper to deeper waters around the globe to meet growing demands for oil and natural gas, and a number of multi body structures are deployed in various oil fields in the world. Investigation of hydrodynamic interaction of offshore structures is therefore worthwhile. Hydrodynamic interaction between floating offshore structures(More)
Genetic diversity of 27 chickpea genotypes was studied through Mahalanobis D and Principal Component analysis. The genotypes under study fall into five clusters. The cluster II contained the highest number of genotypes (11) and Cluster I contained the lowest. Cluster I produced the highest mean value for number of pods per plant. The inter cluster distances(More)
In this paper, we present a single-shot transverse emittance measurement for 125 ± 3 MeV electron beam using pepper-pot technique. A normalised transverse emittance as low as 1.1 ± 0.1 -mm-mrad was measured using this method. Considering 60 consecutive shots, an average normalised emittance of εrms,x,y=2.2 ± 0.7, 2.3 ± 0.6 -mm-mrad was obtained, which is(More)