Mohiuddin Hafiz

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An IR-UWB transmitter was designed and fabricated with on-chip UWB antenna in 65 nm CMOS. Gaussian monocycle pulses (GMPs) were produced using up-slope and down slope of digital signal. The transmitter generated bi-phase modulated pulses of GMP and 10 GHz center frequency. 5 Gbps differential GMP was generated by Pseudorandom bit sequence of 2<sup>7</sup>(More)
A simple non-coherent solution to UWB-IR communication has been presented here. An all digital differential transmitter, developed in a 65 nm CMOS technology and a simple receiver, developed in a 180 nm CMOS technology, for detecting the received differential signal are demonstrated in the work. Though the transmitter and the receiver have been developed in(More)
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