Mohit Wadhwa

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The next generation protocol (Ipv6) also called Iping, which should replace the current generation of Internet protocol (Ipv4), brings many enhancements over Ipv4. Ipv4 has been a great success for more than 20 years, since its interception in 1980 but due to limited address space, complex configuration and very important lack of security it does not fulfil(More)
The current generation of the Internet is based on IPV4 protocol.IPV4 has been a great success on that time but due to less address space and lack of security it does not fulfil the requirement of the exponential growth of the internet. Because of limited address space and lack of security IPV4 is replaced by IPV6, proposed by the network working group of(More)
—A fundamental component of networking infrastructure is the policy, used in routing tables and firewalls. Accordingly, there has been extensive study of policies. However, the theory of such policies indicates that the size of the decision tree for a policy is very large (O((2n) d), where the policy has n rules and examines d features of packets). If this(More)
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