Mohit S. Sharma

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The binding of monomeric (Hp) and oligomeric (PHE) forms of porphyrin to glioblastoma (U-87MG) cells and the photosensitization of these cells have been studied. Upon binding to U-87MG cells, Hp and PHE exhibited fluorescence bands at 615 and 636 nm, respectively. The fluorescence and absorption spectra of Hp, HpD and PHE, measured in different solvents,(More)
Hypertemporal visible imaging of an urban lightscape can reveal the phase of the electrical grid granular to individual housing units. In contrast to in-situ monitoring or metering, this method offers broad, persistent, real-time, and non-permissive coverage through a single camera sited at an urban vantage point. Rapid changes in the phase of individual(More)
Rate of heat production during cell proliferation following UV-irradiation of respiratory-deficient yeast cells was measured as a function of time (p-t curve) in a batch microcalorimeter. Following observations were made: (a) All growing cell cultures showed 3 distinct phases of heat production namely lag, exponential and declining phases of rate of heat(More)
Forests in the mountains are a treasure trove; harbour a large biodiversity; and provide fodder, firewood, timber and non-timber forest products; all of these are essential for human survival in the highest mountains on earth. The present paper attempts a spatiotemporal assessment of forest fragmentation and changes in land use land cover (LULC) pattern(More)
Using side-facing observations of the New York City (NYC) skyline, we identify lighting technologies via spectral signatures measured with Visible and Near Infrared (VNIR) hyperspectral imaging. The instrument is a scanning, single slit spectrograph with 872 spectral channels from 0.4-1.0 μ m. With a single scan, we are able to clearly match the detected(More)
Binding and photodynamic action of merocyanine 540 (MC540) has been studied in glioma (U-87MG) and neuroblastoma (Neuro 2A) cells as a function of dye concentration, incubation time of cells with MC540 and growth phase of cells. In the plateau phase, U-87MG cells accumulated more MC540 as compared to exponentially growing cells, whereas in Neuro 2A cells(More)
Mechanism of merocyanine 540 (MC540) mediated photosensitization in glioblastoma (U-87MG) and neuroblastoma (Neuro 2a) cells was investigated. Photoinduced lipid peroxidation was measured in the presence of mechanistic probes-deuterium oxide (D2O), sodium azide, superoxide dismutase (SOD), mannitol and sodium benzoate. In both the types of cells, the(More)
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