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This work combines two existing defenses against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks - DefCOM and speak-up - resulting in a synergistic improvement. DefCOM defense organizes existing source-end, victim-end and core defenses into a collaborative overlay to filter DDoS floods. Source networks that do not participate in DefCOM often receive poor(More)
The most commonly used method for dopant profiling in semiconductors is scanning capacitance microscopy (SCM). However, the analysis on which SCM is based assumes the dopant atoms are a continuous fluid, and “atomistic” effects caused by the locations of the individual dopant atoms make this assumption invalid at a resolution finer than 10 nm(More)
Absract Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing signal suffer from high peak to average power ratio. This high peak to average power ratio results in the operation of the power amplifier in saturation region. Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing signals may also result in out band distortion due to overlapping of side lobes. Thus guard band is(More)
In this paper, we discuss the scenario of cognitive radio networks and have given a overview of the emerging IEEE 802.22 standard, based on dynamic spectrum access model, providing opportunities for broadband access in rural area and remote communities. In urban areas, cognitive radios are constrained to short ranges and many broadband alternatives already(More)
Conventional classical force fields by construction do not explicitly partition intermolecular interactions to include polarization and charge transfer effects, whereas fully quantum mechanical treatments allow a means to effect this dissection (although not uniquely due to the lack of a charge transfer operator). Considering the importance of polarization(More)
In this paper, a zone based symmetric density feature is proposed to recognize Handwritten Marathi Vowels. Recognition of handwritten Marathi vowels is a challenging task due to their interclass structural similarities. This paper describes a method for recognition of handwritten Marathi vowels. Since a standard database does not exist for handwritten(More)
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