Mohit Kumar Saini

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Aggression is a response by an individual that delivers something unpleasant to another person. Violence refers to extreme forms of aggression, such as physical assault and murder. Even if male preponderance is there aggression is also common in females. This review article provides a brief knowledge about the various factors responsible for aggression and(More)
A coccoid-shaped phototrophic purple sulfur bacterium, strain AK35T, was isolated from a coastal surface water sample collected from Visakhapatnam, India. Cells were Gram-stain-negative, motile and purple, containing bacteriochlorophyll a and the carotenoid rhodopinal as major photosynthetic pigments. Strain AK35T was able to grow photoheterotrophically and(More)
The network in which a large number of small and low-cost sensor nodes are randomly deployed is called Wireless Sensor Network(WSN). These sensor nodes can collectively monitor physical and environmental conditions like pressure, temperature, humidity etc. Issues in WSN are Energy Efficiency, Reliability, Production Cost, Security, etc. Security is one of(More)
For the important reason of privacy, several cloud storage encryption schemas have been projected to secure the info from those that don't have access. All such schemes assume that cloud storage providers are secure and cannot be hacked. But in practice, some authorities could compel cloud storage suppliers to form public user secrets and confidential(More)
In WSNs, Energy is a scarcest resource of sensor nodes and it determines the lifetime of sensor nodes. These are battery powered sensor nodes. These small batteries have limited power and also may not easily rechargeable or removable. Long communication distance between sensors and a sink can greatly drain the energy of sensors and reduce the lifetime of a(More)
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