Mohit Gupta

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Designing communication networks is a complex, multi-constraint and multi-criterion optimization problem. We present a multiobjective genetic optimization approach to setting up a network while simultaneously minimizing network delay and installation cost subject to reliability and flow constraints. In this work we use a Pareto Converging Genetic Algorithm,(More)
We present a novel approach for multilevel modelling and rendering of architectural scenes using a small set of photographs. Our approach is based on interactive probing of intuitive measures like lengths, widths and heights from single view metrology. These measures can then be aggregated with additional input if need be, for defining high-level primitives(More)
Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) is a highly effective treatment strategy for lymphoproliferative disorders and bone marrow failure states including aplastic anemia and thalassemia. However, its use has been limited by the increased treatment related complications, including acute kidney injury (AKI) with an incidence ranging from 20% to 73%.(More)
This paper explores the prototype design of an auditory interface enhancement called the Sonic Grid that helps visually impaired users navigate GUI-based environments. The Sonic Grid provides an auditory representation of GUI elements embedded in a two-dimensional interface, giving a <i>'global'</i> spatial context for use of auditory icons, ear-cons and(More)
Complete coat protein (CP) gene sequences of 66 Potato virus X (PVX) isolates were sequenced and compared with other PVX isolates. The CP gene of these isolates shared 93.9–100.0 % and 97.0–100.0 % identities among them at nucleotide and amino acid sequence level, respectively. Phylogenetic analysis with isolates of known PVX strain groups showed that all(More)
Dens invaginatus occurs as a result of the invagination of the enamel organ. These cases may present difficulties with respect to its diagnosis and treatment because of canal morphology. It frequently leads to caries, pulpal, and periodontal involvement with necrosis and loss of attachment. The knowledge of classification and anatomical variations of teeth(More)
One critique of Privacy-by-Design has focused on its lack of concrete guidance for implementation. We have proposed privacy design patterns (drawing from architectural design patterns and object-oriented programming design patterns) as documentation that can be more directly applicable and have established a site to coordinate collaborative development of(More)
We consider the class of applications that involve users working asynchronously or synchronously in small groups to complete a set of tasks. Despite wide applicability, broad adoption of these applications remains largely unrealized, due to the high cost of development and deployment. We introduce an abstraction for these applications that enables a(More)
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