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The need of semantic web is growing day by day. Users request fulfillment becomes an important assignment. Agent enables approach becomes key milestone in field of semantic web services selection and composition process. Agent who is a self described and managed software component is used on the basis of its capabilities for users request fulfillment. On(More)
Knowledge-based system (KBS) has been widely used in the detection and interpretation of EEG based neuropsychiatric diseases. Heuristic-based detection methods of EEG (Electroencephalography) parameters for a particular disease have been reported in the literature but little effort has been made by researchers to combine rule-based reasoning (RBR) and(More)
Semantic Web Services (SWS) focus on developing a machine understandable approach where different sub-services or we can say that small services are combined to form a complex web application. It uses various component services to satisfy a client's request which cannot be satisfied by any single available services. Here we try to full fill clients request(More)
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