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OBJECTIVE Renin-angiotensin system gene polymorphisms are associated with essential hypertension; angiotensinogen gene variants are considered potential genetic risk factors. The aim of this study was to investigate the contribution of the G-6A, T174M, M235T polymorphisms, genotypic interactions, and haplotypes toward essential hypertension. METHODS In a(More)
BACKGROUND Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors produce a significant decrease in pulmonary vascular resistance in patients with idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension. We studied the effects of tadalafil, a phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor, on short-term hemodynamics, tolerability, and efficacy over a 12-week period in patients of Eisenmenger syndrome having a(More)
Nitric oxide (NO), a potent vasodilator, plays a pivotal role in blood pressure regulation. Endothelial NO synthase gene (NOS3) polymorphisms influence NO levels. Here, we investigated the role of the -922A/G, -786T/C, 4b/4a, and 894G/T polymorphisms of the NOS3 and NO(x) levels in 800 consecutive unrelated subjects comprising 455 patients of essential(More)
A 5-month-old infant had right Horner syndrome and left hemiplegia. Magnetic resonance imaging confirmed smaller cerebral hemisphere and magnetic resonance angiography showed reduced blood flow in the internal carotid artery on the right. A diagnosis of congenital hemiplegia and carotid occlusion secondary to maternal trauma during pregnancy was made.
OBJECTIVES Aldosterone synthase produces aldosterone, which regulates electrolytes and thereby blood pressure. Polymorphisms in aldosterone-synthase gene (CYP11B2) may associate with heterogeneous aldosterone production and hypertension. Hence, we investigated -344T/C, Iw/Ic polymorphisms of CYP11B2, plasma renin activity (PRA) and aldosterone concentration(More)
BACKGROUND Transcatheter closure of coronary artery fistulas has emerged as a successful alternative to surgery. We describe various techniques and short-term findings in 15 patients who were taken up for transcatheter closure of these fistulas. METHODS AND RESULTS Fifteen patients (aged 2-55 years; 12 males) with coronary artery fistulas underwent(More)
BACKGROUND Studies on genes of endothelial and vascular homeostasis are inadequate in females. METHODS We investigated the role of 7 variants of ACE, AGT and NOS3 and their correlation with NO(x) levels and ACE activity in hypertension susceptibility in 910 case-controls of both genders. RESULTS Prevalence of alleles D of ACE I/D; -6A of AGT -6G/A;(More)
AIMS 1. To assess the prevalence of visual impairment in those patients who sustain proximal hip fracture after a simple fall. 2. To test the validity of a simple screening test to identify patients with visual impairment. METHODS Patients on the orthopaedic rehabilitation ward recuperating from proximal hip fracture were recruited. The nurse screener and(More)
BACKGROUND Dry eye is not only incapacitating to the patient but its treatment is also challenging. It would undoubtedly be more amenable to therapy if it could be detected at an early stage and its prognosis be recorded accurately and sensitively. In the past few years 'dry eye' and its sequelae have become the focus of attention of ophthalmologists(More)
INTRODUCTION Chronological age, dental development, height and weight measurements, sexual maturation characteristics and skeletal age are some biological indicators that have been used to identify time of growth. Many researchers have agreed that skeletal maturity is closely related to the craniofacial growth, and bones of hand and wrist are reliable(More)